FOR YOU 2013 始源生日活动 — 冰箱贴&信件收集

2013.02.01 12:16 조회 수 : 152360

FOR YOU 2013 始源生日活动之一


前几年FOR YOU给始源做的生日应援和活动还历历在目,始源也都有给了很多回应.这一次, FOR YOU也同样打算组织系列的活动给始源送上我们源饭最真挚的祝福.


活动之一: 城市景点冰箱贴和信件收集

大家都知道始源有收集去过城市的冰箱贴的兴趣爱好, 因此这次我们将联合海外源饭一同发起收集冰箱贴的活动.


同时,如果愿意,我们也欢迎大家将想要给始源的信一同寄来, 作为生日礼物的一部分一同转交.


(注意: 冰箱贴和信件会分开整理,因此请在冰箱贴后贴一张N次贴,写上你的名字或网名,并写上冰箱贴的城市或是景点名字, 信件请单独用较小的信封包装,以方便我们另外统一包装. 请在信封背面写上你所在的地区以及你的昵称或ID, 我们会定期更新已收到平信或是礼物的名单

此次活动是和 Siwon For SIMBAindo 一起联合进行的^^


We are now collecting Fridge Magnetic & handwriting letter for Siwon’s coming birthday in 2013.

As we all know, Siwon likes to collect Fridge Magnetic from every city he went. So we hope everyone can try to find your city’s Fridge Magnetic and send them to us. And also if you have anything want to tell Siwon, please write it down too.

We would collect the Fridge Magnetic and letters as many as we can, and give them to Siwon as a special gift!

(Please make sure that letter and Fridge Magnetic is separate, pls write your name at the back of Fridge Magnetic with a memo note.)


Please put your handwriting letter in a well-sealed envelope (don’t worry about your private secret^^) with the name of the place you are from and your nicknames on the back of envelop,and then send it to the address below:



This project is handling together with Siwon For SIMBAindo